How 3D Animations and Videos Can Help You Sell Real Estate

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July 27, 2022

It’s a well-known fact technology plays a crucial role in countless industries today, and real estate is just one of them. 3D visualization, CGI videos, and various animations quickly took over the real estate industry as soon as they appeared on the market and became part of numerous digital marketing strategies.

3D content has had a game-changing effect on realtors and others working in the real estate marketing industry. From the simplest 3D animations to the most complex CGI creations, different contemporary tools have allowed realtors and marketing experts to take full advantage of the real estate advertising potential.

In this post, you can find out how 3D character animations and videos can help you sell real estate, so keep reading if you want to use their potential for real estate marketing.

How 3D content enhances your real estate marketing efforts

3D animations and videos play an essential role in taking your real estate marketing efforts to a whole new level. Here are some of the crucial ways in which 3D content can help you sell real estate.

Showcase the final product before its completion

Realtors know how difficult it is to showcase the outcome of a property while still in the building process. While sketches and blueprints can help interested clients grasp a vague idea of the project, it’s impossible to present all the details without using some modern tech tools available on the market.

However, that is where 3D visualizations come into play. They allow real estate agents and property developers to showcase the final product before its completion – even before any construction starts.

In addition to that, 3D animations are highly detailed, meaning they can accurately present even the most complex projects with countless details and features. Namely, a 3D animation can contain all the details of a project, including architectural solutions and materials.

Naturally, 3D animations also come with exceptional photoreal quality. Video animation gives viewers a complete picture of the real estate property before its final construction stage. That way, the life-like videos allow interested clients to see every part of the property, which can be a turning point for transforming potential buyers into prospective clients.

Present future architectural projects in the context

Property investors, contractors, and homebuyers are all interested in finding as much information as possible about the property they’ve got their eyes on.

However, that doesn’t only incorporate learning everything about the materials and the property’s design. Instead, prospective clients also want to gather information about the road infrastructure, amenities in the neighborhood, and the surrounding landscape. These are all contextual features that can significantly influence the final decision of your clients.

That’s why it’s crucial to present future architectural projects in a broader context. By incorporating visuals that show the residence in its surroundings, viewers can get a clearer idea of the property’s location and all the features they can find in its proximity.

When you have an unfinished property or clients who aren’t physically able to visit the spot, there’s no other way to present future architectural projects in context than with the help of 3D technology. These videos can capture the existing neighborhood from all sides and even incorporate property visualizations to help the clients better understand the relationship between the property and its surroundings.

Portray real estate in different weather conditions and seasons

Even if you tend to portray your real estate video with other tools, you may have struggled to present your property project in different seasons and weather conditions.

Nevertheless, as someone who’s trying to sell a property, showcasing your real estate offers in different conditions is incredibly important to raise interest and take full advantage of the property’s potential.

The best thing about 3D animations and videos is that you can quickly implement different seasons, weather conditions, and other situations. That way, you can showcase the same property in several unique settings and help viewers get a clear picture of what the property looks like in different scenarios.

Seasons and weather conditions can significantly determine the mood and the atmosphere of the property you’re trying to capture.

For example, if you have a 3D animation of a cabin in the mountains, a snowy winter evening will perfectly portray the property the way the clients want to see it. Since getting the perfect shot is extremely difficult in real life, 3D videos and animations are the ideal alternatives.

Illustrate various functionalities that come with the property

If you’re already using 3D technology to sell your property, you’re probably wondering why videos are better than still images. While images also have their advantages, the main benefit of 3D animations is that they can do much more than giving a walkthrough of the property’s exceptional views.

Namely, most properties come with certain functionalities that you can’t present with still images. Instead, 3D videos can showcase these features easily. Whether the property you’re trying to sell has some devices or mechanisms that you need to explain, there’s no better way of doing so than through a 3D animation.

From automated doors and multipurpose furniture to customizable security systems, prospects will get a fully comprehensive understanding of all property features with a high-quality 3D video.

Furthermore, these videos tend to attract more attention, so even if some viewers weren’t initially interested in a property, showing them all the features of the dwelling can easily change their opinion.

Create a foundation for emotional connection with the object

Although many realtors forget about the importance of emotional connection, it’s one of the leading factors that dictate the decisions of numerous property buyers. If prospective clients feel an emotional connection to a specific property, they’re significantly more likely to make a move and sign a deal.

You’re probably wondering how you can increase the emotional connection your clients feel toward a property that’s up for sale. Well, one of the best techniques is telling a story about the property to help prospective buyers envision their future in that spot.

Expert 3D artists know everything about the colors, textures, angles, and all other features you need to implement in a 3D animation to make it as effective as possible. One of the main principles of successful real estate video marketing strategies is to evoke strong feelings and emotions among prospects that will motivate them to take further steps.

Sometimes, an open book on a bed in a bedroom or a steaming cup of hot tea on the coffee table in the living room is more than enough to evoke emotions and intensify your video’s effects. Even if you’re unsure how to create a foundation for emotional connection with a particular object or take full advantage of the property’s potential, you can always outsource 3D rendering services and leave it up to experts to create an immersive and engaging 3D experience.

How to implement 3D content into marketing campaigns

Learning how 3D animations and videos can help you sell real estate isn’t enough when you aren’t sure how to implement 3D content into your marketing campaigns.

That’s why we took the time to compile a list of the most profitable marketing methods where you can easily incorporate your 3D content and ensure you reach the right audience with it.

Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing methods right now. However, a lot goes into launching a successful email marketing campaign since you must ensure your email contains quality and informative content, engaging visuals, and consistent messaging.

3D animations allow you to combine all of these features into one. When you implement 3D videos into your email marketing campaigns, you no longer have to worry about choosing the right words and visuals to convey the message. Instead, the 3D animation will do all the talking.

As a result, you can have concise, informative, compelling, and engaging promotional material to distribute among your existing and potential clients and sell your real estate offers faster.

Social media posts

It’s no secret that posting on social media platforms is the best way to promote your business, products, or services and ensure the marketing campaigns reach a wider audience.

Since the video format has already proved to be one of the most successful formats for digital advertising, it’s safe to say you can easily use 3D animations to drive sales and increase your presence on social networks.

replace old content: Certainly, it’s important to remember that thorough research is crucial before initiating a social media marketing strategy, especially when it involves 3D animation services. Understanding your target demographic and their favored social media channels is vital to ensure that your 3D real estate videos are showcased to the appropriate audience in the most effective locations.

Presentations and sales pitches

As a realtor, you probably have your share of presentations and sales pitches you must be a part of when selling properties. However, if you’re using traditional PowerPoint presentations, you’re probably not offering the most memorable experience to your audience.

Instead of opting for tools that most other realtors use, choose something more unique and different. 3D animations allow you to step away from the overly-used slideshows and replace them with something more engaging and immersive.

3D videos can bring your presentations and sales pitches to another level by adding more depth and life. Once you quickly capture the audience’s attention with 3D animations, you’ll also notice an increase in real estate sales.


Businesses always look for talented architects, interior designers, and 3D visualization artists. These professions are rapidly growing in popularity and evolving with every new day, so it’s essential to make some effort if you want others in the industry to notice and recognize you.

Creating a portfolio is one of the best ways to showcase your previous projects and potential ideas. However, simply inserting pictures of your projects isn’t enough anymore.

Since most portfolios reside online these days, you can also take advantage of this opportunity to publish some 3D animations and videos. When prospective clients see your portfolio consists of several types of media and files, they’ll be more likely to choose you and the properties for sale you offer.

B2B Marketing

One of the trickiest marketing situations is B2B marketing. In this case, both businesses are aware of the latest marketing trends, tips, and tricks, so it’s next to impossible to impress a company unless you have something that truly captures the attention of your clients.

If you’re struggling to find such a tool, 3D animation can come to your rescue. Once you go over all of the technicalities and need one last trick to seal the deal, a 3D video can be a perfect choice.

A 3D animation can drastically improve the quality of your presentation or pitch to a business and convince the business representatives you’re the right choice for their unique needs.

With B2B marketing efforts filled with quality content, selling real estate to businesses and getting your hands on some serious profit is easy.

The bottom line

Technological advancement is moving at a rapid speed, and people all around the world need to make an effort to keep up with the latest innovations and solutions. As for real estate, 3D videos and animations are among the newest tools realtors can use to secure sales and deals.
The powerful effect of 3D animations lies in the possibility of using 3D technology to showcase the final product before its construction and completion. Another option for providing a personalized view of real estate projects is to engage in live video chat with your customer. You can provide a project virtual tour.

You can present future architectural projects in the context, portray real estate in different weather conditions and seasons, illustrate various functionalities that come with the property, and even create a foundation for emotional connection with the object.

Combining 3D animations with profitable marketing campaigns will secure game-changing results.