Using Video To Increase B2B Landing Page Conversion Rates

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December 21, 2021

C’mon, admit it. You spend a lot more time watching videos on YouTube than you’d like to let on. We get it, especially since you can easily delegate all your homework assignments to professional paper writers from EssayService, a top college essay and resume writing service for students and graduates to free up time. Videos are often entertaining. Plus, because they are visual, they cause us to see things a bit differently. However, the video doesn’t seem to be as popular as a tool to convert leads. Did you know that if you have a video on your landing page, you can increase your conversion rate by 80%? That is a proven fact that can be verified by EyeWideDigital. In this article, we will review several tips on how video use on your B2B landing page can improve your conversion rate.

Short, Entertaining Videos Capture Viewers

Create short and Entertaining Videos

Think back to the last time you spent time on YouTube. How many of the online videos did you click on to watch that were longer than two or three minutes in length? If you don’t usually click on long videos, there is a good reason why. You, like most everyone else, lose interest the longer a video runs. Marketing videos have to be short – in the one-minute range – to be completely viewed. Analytics show that audience numbers drop drastically halfway through a video and the final number of viewers is even less at the end of the video. The solution is to front-load your very short video with all the important things you want to get across first. That way, if viewers don’t stick around, they should have caught the gist early. Oh, and be engaging. Do something that makes your video stand out from the crowd.

Never Underestimate The Smiling Face Thumbnail

Pop Quiz! Which would you prefer: a video that just contains a screen full of text or a video that features a smiling, human face? The unusual smiling face is where the majority of us would gravitate. The reasons why are understandable when you think about them. A smile is like the international symbol of friendliness and honesty. Plus, a stunning smile instantly turns the face it appears to be a much more attractive sight. In other words, we would spend more time looking at a smiling face than a whole lot of cold, dark letters and words. Here’s more: Wishpond conducted a five-week A/B split test pitting a smiling image against a non-smiling image. The software company realized a 10.7% profit from the image with the smiling face. Video marketing with a smiling face thumbnail will get your video noticed.

Video Quickly Makes You Trustworthy

Imagine you are doing a Google search for a retailer who sees widgets. You find all kinds of pages to visit and you start going down the list. All you find are web pages filled with text and a few images of top-selling widgets. Then you land on a web page that has a video of the widget store owner who explains in 30-seconds how long he and his family have been in the widget business and that you can order risk free as the widgets are fully guaranteed and the down-home, simple approach the fellow has just does something to you. You feel a connection of some kind and suddenly trust that if he’s been at the widget game for as long as he says he has, then he must know a lot about his product. See what we’re saying here? Explainer videos build trust…and it does this quicker than pages of text.

Place A Lead Capture Form Early In Your Video

What? Is it even possible to capture leads directly in a video? Well, yes you can. That is why it is called video marketing. There is a tool called Turnstile available from Wistia. The way Turnstile works is that it gives you the capability of inserting a lead capture form in your video. But does it actually work? According to a survey Wistia conducted on more than 15,000 videos with Turnstile applied to them, the conversion rate was between 38 and 43%. That was based on videos with turnstiles inserted early in the video between the first ten to twenty percent of the video. This points to the concept of opening your landing page video with a powerful start that makes viewers want more, then you ask for their emails and your lead list should instantly balloon in size. To ensure the best success rate, you should have your landing page created by experienced website developers.

Don’t Forget About High-Quality

There is a certain expectation nowadays that video resolution should be at least high definition. Quality matters, viewers don’t want to be watching low-resolution videos because it speaks volumes about the standards you have as a company. They are more likely to trust a business that is professional and handles its business professionally. That includes video content, and don’t forget about using high-quality audio products to capture great sound.

Bachcare is a great example of a company that has worked hard at putting out professional, high-quality videos for its marketing campaigns. Showing the amazing experiences their guests can expect when they are booking accommodation in beautiful properties surrounded by stunning landscapes.

Let’s Get Personal

You should already know that custom, personal emails have a success rate. What if those emails to prospects contained personalized videos? It’s worth a try when you consider that your pitch will stand out more from the flood of emails in a prospect’s inbox if it has a video in it. The video doesn’t have to be long, but you can tailor it to speak directly to the recipient which will give the viewer a dose of the warm fuzzies as a personalized video message shows you care. It does. Think about how you would react if you had a sales email sent to you that contained the same old, standard cookie-cutter format of an old-school template compared to an email with a 60-second video where you are addressed by name. You are likely to remember the video much longer and even recall what the video was about.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of what your personal feelings are about video, you can’t deny that it is still a medium that gets noticed. When you implement it the right way in your B2B website landing page, you can benefit from the power video has over most any other form of communication. The key is to use short, concise videos that will assist in building the credibility of you and your product. Video also speeds the process of building trust. Who wouldn’t want to have these things in place faster than normal? When it is time to give your website an update, don’t forget to put some video in there and watch your leads and conversions increase. That is how video can benefit what you are doing and connect with prospects on a personal level. Why use a boring old template when you can get creative in a short, engaging video that tells your prospect all they need to know about your product or service in under a minute?


Marina Turea works as content manager at Digital Authority Partners, a San Diego-based digital marketing agency.