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5 Must-Have Software for Your Video Marketing

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August 5, 2021

As the reach of social media platforms have grown, businesses have been shifting their focus to various digital marketing strategies which engage the audience across all channels. Video marketing is quickly becoming a popular way to promote brand awareness and capture the attention of the audience. Over the last year, it has become a necessary marketing strategy for both business owners as the people have been consuming a lot more video content during the pandemic. 

According to a report, around 84 percent of marketers have stated that video marketing helped generate quality leads and increased conversions. Given the high return on investment, you may not want to miss out on the opportunities that video marketing can bring. 

In order to make the most of it, you should consider a few must-have software that could be highly useful for creating engaging video content. 

1. Wistia 

Source: Wistia 

This is one must-have tool that can be greatly useful for both beginners and pros. It comes with a range of different features which allow editing, video creation and smooth integration with UI/UX design. The software also comes with different plans, a few of which offer eCommerce analytics to track engagements as well.

If you are looking for a video marketing software that can help you with every process right from creating the video, you shouldn’t miss out on Wistia. For B2B marketers, the software can help with product promotion and business growth effectively. Moreover, to take your visual content to the next level, you can hire designers who can create stunning graphics and ensure your content is visually appealing and on-brand.

For example, a platform that deals with people or businesses looking to sell their used laptops for cash, can use Wistia to create informative videos. They can market their service on their website or social media pages with content focused on the quick payment options or shipping process. This way, those businesses looking to sell laptops or their old equipment in bulk could easily get an idea of what the other party has to offer as well.

2. Biteable 

Source: Biteable

The software is quite popular with marketers who don’t want to compromise on the quality of their videos on any platform. With Biteable, you can easily edit and produce content that may look as if it was created in a studio. It comes with various templates that can help people create engaging videos in a short span of time. 

You can add animations or customize the content according to the requirements of the brand and post them on the website or social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Biteable is also quite affordable and can provide access to all its templates at a minimal price. You can avail a free trial to get an insight into how it works. 

3. Vimeo Business 

Source: Vimeo

It is no surprise that Vimeo has made it to the list of must-have software for video marketing. With Vimeo Business, you can create immersive, 360 videos to provide consumers with a good user experience. According to a study, such content is 7 percent more likely to encourage people to buy an item or avail a service than traditional videos. 

The software is also highly useful for business owners and marketers who want to incorporate Virtual and Augmented reality into their marketing strategies. It offers unlimited storage limits and support for larger files of 7TB or more. 

Vimeo Business can allow you the performance of your video and has analytical tools to give you an advantage over the competition. This software is designed for both pros and beginners so even if you are just starting out, you can work with it easily. Since it can integrate with Dropbox and Adobe Premiere Pro, people may edit their content without any complications as well. 

4. Filmora 

Source: Filmora

The video marketing software is incredibly useful for creating customized video content in a short time. Filmora makes it easier for people who don’t have advanced technical knowledge about video editing to make changes and boost quality. It has various features which include split screen, stabilization and 4K resolution support. 

You can easily edit the backgrounds or layer different clips to create a promotional or explainer video for the web page or social media accounts. Before posting the final content, you can also preview each frame and remove any disturbances or noise. 

With Filmora, video marketing can become quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of professionals to work together on the project. The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate so those who are just starting out will also be able to edit and produce quality content by using it. 

5. Animoto 

Source: Animoto

This is a popular video marketing software that has become known for its production quality and professional styles. It has a variety of templates and more than a thousand songs that you can use in short tutorials or long testimonial videos for marketing. Animoto allows users to create content in HD and retain the resolution while posting on social media networks such as Twitter or Instagram. 

With different tools for customization and templates, this software makes it very easy for business owners and marketers to attract the attention of the audience instantly. If you are a pro, you may be able to master this software in a few minutes.

While Animoto has a free option available, some of its features may be restricted. In order to make the best of it, you can look through for a suitable payment plan and add your logo or watermark on the videos as well. The software also offers the expertise of a consultant which can be availed as well. 

Final Thoughts 

These are some of the must-have software for video marketing that can help generate quality leads and increase conversions. In this day and age, you cannot deny the power of videos on any platform. Be it social media networks, a web page or Youtube channel, engaging content can help businesses or brands connect with a wider customer base and spread brand awareness. If the message in your video is thoughtful and meaningful, and the graphics are appealing, people could be encouraged to find out more information with easy-to-use video editor. With any of these software, you can produce such videos and post them regularly on Facebook or Instagram, or update on your website. In order to make the most of it, you should consider a few must-have software or video hosting sites that could be highly useful for creating engaging video content.