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The Ultimate Guide to Product Video Ads for Boosted Sales

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July 16, 2021

Product video ads are a great asset to any business that uses them and will expand audience and product sales when used correctly. Here is the ultimate guide to product video ads for more sales.

What is a product video ad?

A product video ad is a content form that uses a video to inform and entice the audience that views it. As brands can now have the opportunity to create seamless eCommerce experiences through their audiences’ favorite social media channels, videos can further help boost eCommerce sales and engage with all viewers more profoundly than other content forms. 

It’s important to understand that building a brand requires investing time and energy into long-term content strategies. You have to consistently produce high-quality content and push it on social media platforms and other forums in order to gain traction.

However, a product video ad allows a business to comprehensively introduce its brand and display its products in a visually appealing way. It is also beneficial for alluring potential customers faster. And, considering the short attention span of an average user (only 12 seconds), time is everything when promoting a product. Product video ads can be in the form of live-action or animated explainer videos.

Product video ads for boosting sales

The way society makes purchasing decisions has changed considerably since the arrival of reliable internet. For that reason, product video ads are an excellent way to increase sales for any business. 

With the competition for attention amongst online rivals, implementing an engaging and effective online video presence is vital. The value of video content is obvious as it can offer detailed product information and a business brand representation that other content forms cannot. 

Today,  technology has advanced so much that you can make a video yourself without hiring an entire production crew. And, it will still have a good performance if you target the right audience and recognize their needs. 

Videos are visually stimulating and, when combined with a compelling narrative, can increase attention, leading to a boost in sales. Not only does a product video ad help grow your target audience, but it also leaves a lasting effect on a target buyer. 

How to make a product video ad

A product video ad can be self-made or created with the help of professionals depending on business budgets, the desired platform, and the wanted outcome. 

Self-made product video ads

Producing the content yourself is obviously the most cost-effective option, and you can create a product video ad that works effectively with some free online assistance. Many sites help with self-made content like photo management software, recording tutorials, logo-making tools, and online platform courses. Utilizing these resources can guide you on your way to creating a video that not only attracts crowds and improves sales, but also a product video ad that fits your brand identity.

Professional product video ads

Using professional services to create a product video ad is a very wise business decision. Many product video ad-creating businesses and ad management agencies online with ad creator can help deliver the boosted sales results you crave. This way, you will have a team of professionals who will prepare high-quality footage and help you pick a video format suitable for your product. 

The importance of the message and time

Choosing the message and length of a product video ad is crucial to attracting the right audience, enticing them into a sale, and boosting sales.

Product video ad message

The message of a product video ad is up to the business’s discretion; however, certain non-negotiables must be included. Essentially, it needs to promote the product, build a narrative, outline the value, provide details, and drive customer action. 

If these fundamentals are included in the Product video ad, the final result should help convince the audience, leading to a sale. Then, no matter whether you advertise your product in an animated explainer video or via user-generated content, if your message is right and you target the right need, your sales will be up. 

Product video ad length 

The length of the video will vary depending on which platform the footage will be used and the desired outcome. 

For instance, if you use a product demo video to show its key features, then it makes sense to create a longer video to ensure you fit all the information in it. 

On the other hand, if you advertise a personal service, the video can be shorter. For instance, if you’re a private Japanese teacher trying to get more students, a 1-minute video is enough to explain what you offer and why people should choose you. 

All in all, think about the goal of your product video ad but also take your audience’s attention span into consideration. 

Benefits of product video ads to boost sales

Product video ads bring many benefits to a business and its marketing strategy. Here are just a few of them. 

Capitalize on short attention span

With smartphones and instant internet access across all demographics, instantaneous information has led to shorter attention spans. Product video ads can engage and entertain a viewer, unlike other content forms, to hold attention spans. Alternatively, it can give a clear and thorough message quickly and efficiently.

Ability to control the narrative

Product video ads are an excellent way to control the narrative that you wish to tell the audience. It gives a business the ability to come across as professional and confident, relaxed and friendly, or informative and knowledgeable. Whichever way they wish to be seen and how they want their products to be promoted, a product video ad can do this.

Builds brand awareness

As videos are easily shareable, video product ads can build brand awareness across the internet. Brand awareness is built on visibility and accessibility, both two characteristics that video content delivers. 

You can use a logo maker to make your product ad more personalized and brand-focused. A personalized product video ad is also a great way to build brand trust among customers, adding a face to the business selling the product. What do specific colors say, and how have famous brands used them to their advantage? This color emotion guide gives some examples that every business can learn from.

More meaningful information

A product video ad can provide more meaningful information about a product. It can give a visual example, an audio explanation, and subtitles, a written description. It also can cover more content in a shorter time than other content, such as text. 

In general, videos combine both visual and textual means. You can visualize your message and intensify it by making a transcription of your video. As a result, a video can serve many purposes – educational, informational, entertainment, etc. There are many softwares like OptiSigns that offer sophisticated yet simple ways to create beautiful content and not only that but also manage your digital signs.

Social media prioritization

Many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok prioritize video content over all other forms of content. With social media scrolling a daily activity for many, having a product video ad across many social media platforms will undoubtedly help boost your sales and build a strong brand identity.

Examples of different types of product video ads

There are different types of product video ads that all serve their own purpose. A business marketing strategy may wish to focus on one avenue or use various methods to increase sales.

Platform-specific product video ads

Product video ads catered for a specific platform can be far more powerful than general product video ads. Using effective video ideas that complement the platform and engage its audience will help draw new visitors and advance sales. 

Social media platforms

Most social media sites optimize their platforms to encourage product video ads being created for the specific platformю Billions of videos are viewed by Facebook users daily, and having your product video ad amongst them will grow your business to become more competitive and well known.

Of course, you can use other Facebook ad alternatives to expand the reach of your product video ad. Normally, companies employ several social platforms and Google Ads to run an ad campaign. However, if you want to start somewhere, Facebook alone is already a good way to advertise your product video.  

TrueView and PreRoll YouTube product video ads

YouTube adverts may be inconvenient for viewers wishing for immediate access; however, they are an essential part of the online marketing business that allows the internet to function. YouTube offers two product video advert options, TrueView and PreRoll.


TrueView product video ads are essentially skippable or need the viewer to opt-in to watch the entire ad. A business only pays when a video is viewed for a prolonged period, meaning pay to access the relevant audience that wishes to learn more about your product. 


PreRoll product video is mainly used for sales and is optimized for clicks. These ads are also shorter to avoid user dissatisfaction and inconvenience; however, full streaming of the product video ad is guaranteed, helping you get more sales and grow your business. This investment can attract an audience that previously may not have searched for the particular product or inform target audiences of a promotion.

Third-party product video ads

Product video ads that a third party creates more often than not receive more views than content made from the business or brand wanting to promote the product. The two main ways to introduce third-party product video ads are via User-Generated Content (USG) and Influencer Product Video Ads.

User-generated content

User-generated content is often utilized by brands that have a large follower base. UGC product video ads are an excellent way to engage viewers and potential customers from a third party to provide an alternative marketing angle. It promotes customer satisfaction and product reinforcement that other forms of content cannot.

Free stock videos

If you have limited resources or want to give product video ads a try but don’t know if they will work for you, give free stock video platforms a try. There, you will find suitable footage fit for your product category. You can also make separate sections of your video using footage from stock websites. 


Influencer product video ads are of the same ideology as UGC, with the bonus that an influencer tends to have a vast audience who trust and believe in them. 

Potentially, if you connect to an influencer, you also connect to their audience. An influencer’s recommendation can fast-track customer engagement and, since their followers trust their recommendations, they will be more likely to buy from you. 

Use a product video ad to boost sales today!

Video content is a powerful form of communication to the online world, and product video ads are viewed daily by potential customers. Using a product video ad is a must for all businesses looking to boost sales. Create your product video ad today.