How to Promote Your Company Culture Through Videos

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July 11, 2022

Company culture has become one of the most important metrics to assess great companies in the modern era. Customers and potential employees want to know what works for a company beyond its services and products are like. As a result, positioning your company as a place to work and shop will put you miles ahead of your competitors.

Additionally, in this digital age, what better way to promote your company culture than through videos? Videos are powerful visual tools that can impact decision-making and improve a company’s brand growth.

This article will discuss how you can leverage videos to promote your company culture. You’ll learn how to create a compelling culture video and some best practices from successful companies.

What is Company Culture, and Why Is It Important?

Company culture is a set of values and practices shared by a company. These values make up a company’s principles and how the organization interacts with its employees, customers, and potential candidates. 

This culture significantly influences all employees, from top to bottom. It affects their productivity and overall dedication to the mission statement, so companies must foster values that align with their employees’ core.

A company’s culture should cater to the following:

  • Recruitment Your company culture should reflect your recruitment process. Your goal should be to recruit candidates whose values align with your company’s. This makes them a great fit. They will work hard to achieve your company’s objectives and you will avoid things such as employees quiet quitting.

  • Employer brandingEmployers are a company’s brand ambassadors. Employer branding on the internet and other places should include your company culture. Employers who show a company’s values raise the organization’s visibility.

  • Time Management –  Modern companies with diverse workforce face unprecedented issues with managing time properly as the high-tech environment poses a high level of distractions. So, to build a solid corporate culture, we need to adopt time management best practices. A company that nurtures its employees to build a sustainable culture of tomorrow must induce its employees to manage their time efficiently. Time tracking software around the globe is now at the peak of popularity, redefining the company culture in the most sensible way possible. Also, many employee management software systems now include timesheets and performance tracking as well as standard tools for doing things like managing employee records and streamlining operations. When it comes to time management, make sure you have an effective toolkit for managing staff.

  • Internal CommunicationA great company culture promotes open communication and collaboration among employees. When a company has a strong company culture, it increases employee camaraderie and engagement. If your communication structure reflects your company’s culture, your message and video will resonate more. Consequently, employees will be more committed to the company’s mission, vision, and goals.

What to Include in Your Company Culture Video?

A culture video should be built around a few key elements. These elements breathe life into the video and make it appealing to viewers. Here are some things to include in your video.

  • Explain the company’s cultureYour video should reflect the company’s culture and the values you hold dear. You can explain this by having employees act out various scenes or by having a narrator describe the company and its principles. Whatever approach you take, you must communicate these values clearly.

  • Introduce the teamYou haven’t successfully created a culture video if you haven’t introduced your people. Make sure that team members play vital roles in the video. Introduce them through group photos, conversations, or Q&A sessions. 

  • Show growth opportunitiesCandidates watching your culture video want to know about your company’s opportunities for advancement so show them how your company can help them develop into leaders and better versions of themselves through offered virtual training.

  • Distinguish your companyEvery business has a carefully curated list of benefits and unique selling points. You must highlight these in your culture video. Allow viewers to gain insight into the benefits you provide and the factors that set you apart. For example, do you support work-from-home culture, or do you provide paid vacation?
  • Showcase your brand perception — Customer experience feedback that speaks to your company’s values is excellent to demonstrate your culture. If those values include customer focus, social responsibility, or similar, your customers will be a genuine addition to your narrative. This brings a relevant balance between internal and external perspectives to your company culture video.

Tips and Tricks For Creating Compelling Company Culture Videos

What exactly constitutes a compelling culture video? Here are some ideas for making your video stand out and win the hearts of customers, recruiters, and business partners.

1. Don’t Sell but Tell a Story

This might appear strange, especially since you’re trying to build your company’s brand through the video. However, when you sell to your viewers, the video loses its genuineness. People want to see companies for what they truly are. 

Therefore, even though the video helps your marketing, your best approach is to make it natural and genuine. Find a story that presents the values of the company and why those values are important. 

2. Work With Data

A company culture video has a target audience. So as much as you’re trying to communicate the company’s values to the viewers, it’s also crucial that you contemplate what your potential applicants are looking to hear/see. 

When choosing the story to tell, ensure it speaks to the company culture and your audience. This accounts for why companies mention values that will spark the interest of potential applicants in joining the organization.

3. Humanize Your Video

Often, people make decisions based on how they feel about products or companies. So, to create a company culture video that generates leads and traction, you need to understand the favorable emotions to build into your video.

There are different methods through which you can leverage emotions in your video. You can use music, tone, and even some parts of your office that are unique. For example, companies with a lighthearted environment will likely use upbeat music alongside a humorous tone in their video. 

4. Make Your People Company Ambassadors

Your company culture is essentially about the company’s shared values. A unique way to communicate this is by using your employees in such videos. Again, putting faces to the culture helps to make your video highly interactive.

You can interview your employees to speak about their experience in the company. You’d want to tailor the conversational questions around growth opportunities, work intensity, life outside work, and team spirit. 

5. Find a Unique Angle

Try to find a creative spin on your company culture video. This is essential given that many companies are doing the same, and your potential applicants are likely to have seen many of these. So, you’d want to be unique in your approach to your company culture video. This is how you establish that you’re distinct and have values that separate you from others. 

6. Trim The Script Until It’s Precise

You should tailor your culture video script until it’s perfect or almost perfect – something that portrays your company without having to say the company’s name 100 times. Your focus should be on communicating your company’s values as precisely as possible. 

7. Involve Team Members in the Production Process

Work with your production team members and take their valuable input. An effective way to produce creative spins is by working with multiple people on your team. This provides numerous angles from which you can finetune and choose the most suitable option.

Some Examples You Can Learn From

Here are some prime examples of culture videos with notable elements to learn from.


HubSpot created a culture video that depicts the company as a fun and welcoming place. The company focused on its flexible structure, team spirit, and employee conversations. The company pays exceptional attention to its values, reflected in its numerous “best place to work” awards.


Basecamp’s culture video takes a unique approach. Instead of employees speaking about the company’s fun projects or life outside work, the video presents them as a group of intelligent and diverse employees. They’re most especially humans — who can’t tell one coffee kind apart from another.


The BambooHR culture video addresses one key thing many employees care about — work-life balance. The video centers around going home from work and doing fun activities with family and loved ones. It talks about striking a balance between life and work instead of sacrificing one for the other.

Final Thoughts

Culture videos can help your company in many ways. It strengthens internal communication and boosts your brand and streamlines the hiring process. It is a unique way to demonstrate what sets you apart from other companies. 

However, for these videos to work, they must be carefully planned. You must understand what to include and what has worked for other businesses. If you want to attract top talent, show them how your company allows them to grow and become leaders. Use employee enablement tools to demonstrate your commitment to this by providing opportunities for Traning and Development.