How to create amazing web copy and landing pages using AI content creation tools

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May 22, 2023

Whether you’re running a promotional campaign or simply want to educate your audience on the benefits and features of your product, a well-crafted landing page and web copy will be key to driving conversions. This is when the audience first interacts with your brand, product, or campaign, so making a good impression is crucial. And your content also needs to be captivating enough to draw your readers in and make them take action. AI content creation tools can help you achieve all this with remarkable efficiency.

AI content generator tools use advanced machine learning algorithms to provide you with relevant content suggestions and valuable insights that will help make your web copy/landing page more persuasive. These AI top tools can generate everything, from headlines, drafts, and visuals to whole sections of landing pages/web copy based on your input.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some AI content creation tools that could be used to streamline different aspects of web copy/landing page content creation.

Let’s get straight to it.

Artificial Intelligence and Copywriting: Benefits

Artificial intelligence has really changed the game when it comes to creating web copy and landing pages. AI content creation tools are no longer just a good-to-have solution, but an essential part of every marketer’s toolkit.

An AI Marketing Benchmark report has found that almost 61.4% of marketers are leveraging AI tools to enhance their marketing campaigns in 2022.

And with the launch of ChatGPT in late 2022, this number has been consistently growing.

AI-powered content creation tools can assist you with every type of content, from blog posts, video content, product descriptions, newsletters, emails, and more. And yes, that includes web copy and landing pages too!

Using AI tools comes with several other benefits –

·        AI content creation tools can help you get unstuck with ideas

·        They can provide you with a unique perspective for creating better web copy and landing pages

·        You can save tons of time and effort by automating tasks

·        Scaling up content production can become a whole lot easier

·        They can help improve your website’s search ranking

·        They can help ensure consistency in messaging and branding across all content pieces on your website

·        They can also help you in creating visual elements for your website

AI content creation tools are especially useful for businesses that need to create a lot of high-quality content for their website, quickly. With that, let’s take a look at how you can use AI solutions and other tools for crafting better web copy and landing pages.

Tips and Tools to Create Winning Landing Pages and Web Copy

1. Present a problem and offer a solution

There is a certain art to writing good copy, but there’s science behind it too, which you can find in the copywriting frameworks. Copywriting frameworks have been developed over time through a combination of research, experience, and experimentation.

If you are looking for a copywriting framework to write an effective and persuasive landing page or web copy, then the PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solution) formula is a great choice. Here, you start by highlighting the problem and then create a sense of urgency by agitating the problem. And finally, you provide your readers with the solution. The PAS framework can be incredibly useful in making customers aware of their pain points, addressing them, and winning their trust.

Tools to help: Narrato’s AI writer comes with various use cases for creating stellar copy, like Product Description, Short Ad Copy AI, Business/Product name generator, and more. It also supports several copywriting frameworks, including PAS, BAB, and AIDA.

Not just that, the AI content workspace also has an SEO content brief generator that gives you keyword suggestions, competitor links, and other SEO parameters. It has an AI content assistant that offers grammar and readability checks for content optimization. There is an AI image tool and CC Images as well, which can give you eye-catching images for your website. Apart from this, Narrato serves as a central AI content workspace where you can plan all your content using content calendars, collaborate on content with team members, automate content workflows, and streamline your entire content process end to end.

2. Optimize headlines and subheads to communicate your value proposition

The digital landscape can be quite competitive, with many businesses vying for your target audience’s attention. So, when the prospects come across your website or landing page, you need to reel them in with the very first sentence – your headline. The visitor is there to learn why they should choose your product/service over another option. This is your chance to convince them to stay.

How do you do that? Here are some tips –

·        Headline: Capture the prospect’s attention with a brief yet catchy statement about what you have to offer, i.e., your value proposition.

·        Subhead: Include your key differentiators

·        Bullet points: This is optional. You can also include some basic features in the form of points. But keep this section brief.

Tools to help: Semrush offers a Free Title Generator that can be quite useful for coming up with compelling headlines for your landing pages/web copy.

3. Put the benefits first, then describe the features

According to Andrew French, Business Analyst at Simpalm, a web development company in Chicago, If you want to drive conversions with your landing page or web copy, don’t dive head-first into the technical specifications of your product. These are the “facts” about your product, and not all visitors would be interested in learning about facts straight away. Put yourself in the shoes of the readers, and try to understand what would encourage them to take action. Does your product address a common customer pain point? Can it make their life easier? Start with the benefits first, and then highlight the features to back your claims.

4. Storytelling with visuals

Using images, videos and other visual content can be a great way to get your message across in a relatable way and create a connection with potential customers. When you’re adding visuals, just make sure that they match up with what you’re saying in the text. If you want to evoke a positive response from viewers, try using visuals with bright colors, cheerful landscape, and smiling faces. As for the video content, you can choose to add explainer videos, testimonial videos, product demos, and even animated videos to make your copy stand out.

You can include these visuals –

·        In the hero section of the webpage/landing page

·        Between subheadings to break up the copy and make the content more scannable

·        To show customer testimonials

·        With CTA’s in the form of banners and buttons

Tools to help: If you want to include traditional stock images, Shutterstock and Pixabay are both good options. There are also AI image generators like Narrato AI images that can help you generate personalized images using textual descriptions. And if you want a simple tool to design graphics, you can go with Canva, which comes with several AI features to make graphic design easy.

To create video content for your website/landing page, Videocreek can be an excellent option. This handy tool comes with a range of features, like smart frames, power transitions, multiple layers, and automated vos, that makes video content creation a whole lot easier.

5. Optimize the page for search engines

A good web copy or landing page should primarily appeal to your prospects, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect SEO altogether. Using the right search engine optimization techniques can increase the discoverability of the pages, and by incorporating affordable SEO packages, which help to enhance your website’s visibility & drive more traffic. when you’re employing SEO techniques in landing pages and web copy, it’s important to keep it natural. Don’t do SEO just for the sake of it. Take the time to look into how your audience talks and searches for you, and then (and only then) dive into keyword research. Look for ways to include the keywords and links into the content (headlines, subheadings, and body copy) organically.

Google changes and adapts to users’ needs every year. This is why – no matter how engaging your content is – you need to ensure good SEO. And in checking this area with your competitors, drawing conclusions, and laying out your own strategy, Senuto, for example, will help you. A comprehensive all-in-one tool for SEO and content. It is very easy to use and the variety of reports generated in the tool will dispel all your SEO concerns. 

Tools to help: There are many keyword research tools that can help you optimize your web copy and landing pages for SEO, like Narrato’s AI-powered SEO Content Brief Generator. And if you’re looking for long-tail keywords, you might find Google Keywords Planner quite useful.

6. Craft compelling CTAs

Don’t forget to add a compelling CTA at the end of the web copy or landing page. A call to action is essential for getting people to take action and convert.

·        Both the messaging and visuals of the CTA should be attention-grabbing. Make sure it catches their eye and speaks to them

·        Give your CTA a purpose by letting readers know exactly where their click will take them

·        Create a sense of urgency by highlighting what could happen if they don’t act fast

Tools to help: You can use ChatGPT to come up with compelling CTAs for your landing page or web copy. Besides this, there are also AI-powered CTA generator tools like NeuralText CTA generator that make this job a whole lot easier. You would simply have to input your product name and description to generate relevant CTAs.

Wrapping Up

Crafting a compelling web copy or landing page that really hits the mark can seem tricky, but it becomes a whole lot easier if you have the right AI content creation software. The tools listed in this article come with a host of benefits, like greater accuracy, enhanced productivity, and the option to tailor AI-generated content for certain audiences. By leveraging AI content creation solutions and other tools, you’ll be able to create more effective web copy and landing pages that captivate your audience and drive results.

Start using AI content creation tools today!

Transform Your Landing Pages and Web Copy with AI Content Creation Tools

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