How to effectively pitch your Startup with just a 1-minute Explainer video

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December 8, 2022

Why would you choose an explainer video format for pitching your startup to investors?

Let us guess: You recently came across a startup’s brilliant video that made you go WOW!

Animated videos hold that charm making people go crazy about how they could get it done for their startup as well.

It might sound difficult to express your vision, mission, problem, and solution in under 60 seconds but it’s not impossible! With the correct video by your side, you need not worry.

When we talk about Startup Pitch Animated Explainer Videos, we refer to not only showcasing a new service/product in the market but to introduce our brand to the investors.

They are a great choice for pitching to investor communities as it helps you stand out from the rest of the applicants and provides you with a leading edge.

 Alright. Let’s focus on the 4 tips that will effectively help you pitch your startup:

1)    Shoot for the Stars.

It’s your startup explainer video. Make it big enough to get it considered mightier by your potential investors.

 Ask yourself:

 – Is my script crisp and engaging enough to attract investors?

– What is the primary goal I wish to achieve through this video?

– What will be my pillars or touch points on which the video will be based?

Answering core questions like the above are necessary to help you prepare a blueprint for your animation video. This will automatically impact your storyboarding process.

 Look. We all love visual content. On top of that, animation videos come with an extra pint of drama and curiosity because they hook us on the edge of our seats.

Before you sit down with your marketing department to prepare the script, make sure it is concise enough to communicate your agendas.

Your script is everything. It’s your gateway to a successful investment. Since you have a shorter time frame, get your script outline chalked out first.

2)    Explain the Problem boldly & confidently:

Given the deadline of 60 seconds, the most important thing now is to express your problem in the best possible manner.

While selecting the graphical elements, scenes, and illustrations, keep a sharp eye on how they will empower your problem statement.

Another important aspect is to make your problem customer-focused. Here, your characters play a crucial role as their body language, background universe, and dialogues will leave a lasting impact.

Your characters must reflect reality. The animation performed must uplift them in bringing the problem to life. That’s how you stand strong.

You already know the problem that you are solving. The next step is to build a compelling narrative around it through excellent storytelling.

As far as the investors are concerned, your narrative must cleverly explain the problem with your characters complementing your animation.

Just like how your startup is effectively pitching a solution, the plots and transitions must easily convince your investors.

One thing about explainer videos that people love is the quick flow of scenes from point A to point B. And that calls for solid animation making your problem statement flow like water.

3)    An actionable solution:

Now that you’re done expressing your problem, the third pie of your 1-minute video must be armed with an effective solution.

But the question is: How do you animate it to make it sound easy and growth-oriented?

As stated above, your characters must look filled with life. The reason is, a realistic approach to the solution proposed will go a long way.

Also, if you show your animated characters demonstrating your services or product, that will be no less than icing on the cake.

If you would have noticed, animators show their characters excited and satisfied in the startup pitch explainer videos. Does it leave an impact on the investors?

Well, we would be surprised if the answer is negative. You see, your customer is your ultimate hero. It is for them that you’re bringing a solution. Thus, make sure that your animation succeeds in portraying them as Heroes.

The last thing you would expect your character to do is to showcase a sense of comfort that is attained after using your product or service.

Stating a solution through animation is a half-baked concept unless you justify what results from it will bring to your customers.

To execute this, using infographics and statistical tools can be a great idea because Visuals Attract!

4)    Add a spoonful of Humor to your pitch:

Little humor does not harm! Also, this will lower your anxiety while your explainer video faces the heat of the investors.

Imagine your character joking around at the end of your video. Wouldn’t that strengthen your pitch?

Of course, it will. A quick joke will probably turn a few heads around but will also engage your investors in your startup more strongly.

While you perform the animation on your characters, use the principle of Exaggeration. The secret is to make your characters exaggerate when they use your product or service. This will add more appeal to your plot.

Look. People remember how you made them feel. And these are animated characters. It is unlikely that your investors will get rid of how your script made them feel.

Final Words:

Now that you have all the essential elements for an effective Startup Pitch explainer video, we leave you with one last piece of advice.

The animation you plan and perform will turn things in favor or against you.

 Interesting part? Well, you get a variety of video styles to choose from.

Whatever style you choose, make sure it’s not too complicated or less informative to understand because that will only weaken your pitch.

An explainer video might prove a lethal weapon for your marketing strategies in bringing insane web traffic, engagement, and surely, a boost in revenues.

Also, if you want us to create an explainer video for your brand, our expert team of animators, graphic designers, creative visualizers, storyboard artists, and video marketing experts is here to help you engage your audience.