Beginner Tips For Launching A Successful Video Marketing Strategy

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February 9, 2021

One way to promote your business to retain your customers and convert more leads for your business is to launch a successful video marketing strategy. Making videos can make a huge difference in your business. By checking your data and analysis of your customers’ behavior, you can understand how the video making strategy has contributed to our business. Therefore, you should learn the best tips for launching a successful video marketing strategy.

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Why Is It Important To Launch A Video Marketing Strategy? 

Let’s take a look at the statistics provided by Oberlo:

  • Videos can get your business 66% more qualified leads per year.
  • They would increase your brand awareness by 54%.
  • And finally, videos have brought a new customer to a business in 93% of the cases.

Therefore, your video marketing strategy would go a long way in promoting your business. However, it is important to remember that if you are not capable of producing a professional quality video, then it’s better to hire a video production house to take care of this task for you. You must ensure that the video is entertaining as well as informative and at the same time should be simple and easy to understand. It should not be loaded with graphics and sounds but should be simple and appealing.

How Can A Video Marketing Strategy Be Successful?

There are many important facets of launching a successful video marketing strategy. A lot depends on your personal skills as well as the kind of video that you wish to launch. For example, if you wish to launch a commercial that promotes your latest product or service, then you need to do thorough market research, conduct interviews, conduct product surveys, and post videos.

The success of your video marketing strategy depends upon the content. If you are aware of the niche you are targeting, then you can easily prepare a video that will provide information on the niche. You can include features of the product in the video along with testimonials from customers and clients. This would provide rich information on the product and would win the confidence of your viewers.

Apart from providing information, you should also provide entertainment value through your video and present it in a way that appeals to the audience and makes them feel good while watching it.

How To Launch A Successful Video Marketing Strategy?

Having known the importance of launching a successful video marketing strategy, it is now time to check some beginner tips. So, let’s go on!

How To Launch A Successful Video Marketing Strategy
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1. Employ A Video Making Team

It actually does not signify that you should hire a professional cinematic team! There are many videographers who do your video-making project flawlessly at a reasonable cost. If you really want huge results for your video marketing strategy then you should never think of making your own video, and you should also never think of trying to develop your own video in a short span of time.

You should not try to develop the video on your own as this can even destroy your efforts as there are chances that you might end up copying and wasting your time. So, hiring a team for your video marketing strategy can always guarantee you that your video is different and unique from all other videos that are present on the Internet.

2. Create Worthwhile Video Content

Captivating content is the secret to creating videos that will increase the amount of traffic you send to your web presence and ultimately help you earn huge profits for your online business. But, in order to make sure that you create the right content that attracts your target audience, you need to know the proper ways on how to capture their attention and get them hooked to your videos. In other words, you need to know their needs and interests.

The content of your videos is very important, so learn the right ways on how to go about it. First, your videos need to be interesting and informative. This means that your videos need to provide your viewers something worth watching. Or, engage your viewers with high-quality subtitles or short video descriptions. It can be easily implemented with an automatic video to text converter. If you fail to provide them something substantial, they will automatically stop going through your videos and look for other ones that offer the same things. Furthermore, if you’re looking to attract a multilingual audience with your video, your video may need to be translated into many different languages. The best-proven way for videos to communicate with a multilingual audience is through video translation. That’s why video translation services Tomedes recommends multilingual videos for international reach.

Moreover, your videos have to be visually appealing and not boring or repetitive. The visual appeal of your content is the first thing that your audience will see, so it is important that you put effort into coming up with quality and captivating content. Second, you need to optimize the way that you present your content. Hiding the content until the end of the video will only cause people to lose interest in your videos and no longer watch them.

Here’s a super powerful tip from Nichole, Marketing Director at Bay Management Group on creating worthwhile video content.

In an effort to keep up with the competition, we knew that video content was a must. After researching the various video production tools available, we decided that VideoCreek was the perfect fit for our property management company. They provided one-on-one training and carefully explained how to use the platform. VideoCreek is very user-friendly and has tons of templates and tools to create amazing videos for our website!

3. Create Videos On Various Subjects

The internet is the place where you can find various ways to make videos for your business and you can simply search in any search engine for the tips and techniques of making a business video. You will also find several online training courses that will help you make videos for your business.

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t bombard your audience with lots of product videos. Add some varieties to the subjects of your videos and be as creative as possible. 

There are various ways to make a business video, but the most popular among all of them is the viral method. In this method, you can record a video with your smartphone and then share it using various social media websites like YouTube and Facebook. People will just need to copy and paste the link in their message board or emails to share the video with their friends.

4. Keep The Videos Short And To-The-Point

Creating short and to-the-point videos for your business is an essential tool in conveying your message to your prospects and customers. By going with a low budget and high-quality service, you can easily create amazing short business videos that will wow even the biggest audiences!

The video content should be easy to relate to and interesting enough to hold the viewer’s interest. Remember to keep the video short, as much as one to five minutes is ideal, but never go longer than that! Your audience expects to see the video quickly.

5. Add A Call-to-Action

The use of visual captions, sub-plots, and foreshortening of images can aid in increasing the effectiveness of your videos by providing additional information to the viewer about the business as well as a call-to-action to take the desired action. By placing a clear call-to-action and visually commanding the viewer, you can encourage people to move closer to the product they are seeking.

6. Choose The Best Platform To Share Your Video

When you got your video ready, you should decide which platform can give you the highest return. There are many factors involved but the best one is to measure the engagement of your different platforms. This strategy is good at the beginning of your video marketing strategy to compensate for the expenses. When you convert a good number of leads, you can shift to your other platforms to increase their engagement using your video marketing strategy. 

For instance, if you want to share your video on Instagram but you do not have a high engagement rate, you can consider doing some follow unfollow on Instagram first to get an organic follower base. There are also some Instagram follower apps that you can use to grow your followers. 

7. Consider Multistreaming

Getting your live videos on one platform is great but what if you could go live on several platforms at the same time? That’s what multistreaming is. It means you can broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, your website, and other platforms at the same time. This isn’t available by default on any social media platform. The reason is simple — they want to keep you in their ecosystem. YouTube doesn’t want to leak users to Facebook and vice versa.

But for you, as a marketer, it’s vital to reach as many people as possible and that’s why multistreaming is key. When choosing a multistreaming service, consider the number of platforms you can stream to if you can stream to custom RTMP destinations (your website), and video monetization features such as Pay Per View. MusicDigi makes it easy to sell, manage, and monetize your content globally


Video marketing strategy needs time, energy, and investment like many other marketing strategies. The beginner tips above aim at teaching you how to launch your video marketing strategy successfully. So, keep up the good work, and wish you the best of luck!

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