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Video Email Marketing – The Best Way To Turbocharge Engagement Rates

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March 21, 2022

Videos are always engaging and a very effective way to build trust in the audience’s mind. They are the current hottest thing in the email marketing domain. These media components when used with email marketing have the potential to increase the email open rates by 6%.

Videos in email marketing campaigns perform well because almost everyone is keen to watch a video.

What is Video Email Marketing?

It refers to the concept of adding videos to email marketing campaigns. Embedded HTML videos, GIFs, or static images with a play button as a link to a video in the emails are some of the ways to implement video email marketing.

Video email marketing opens up the avenues to tap into the imagination of an audience that receives content visually, as sometimes textual content doesn’t always suffice. Videos allow transforming complex topics into simpler versions for the audience. Before embarking on email campaigns, you need bespoke B2B data solutions for better campaign outcomes. These data solutions will help you target the right audience and improve conversion rates.

Why Use Video Email Marketing? – Learn the Benefits

benefits of video email marketing

Speeds Engagement and Hooks the Recipient’s Attention Quickly

Videos in emails attract viewers’ attention more rapidly and thoroughly. In comparison to plain text, subscribers find them more intriguing, and interactive and deliver a sort of live experience. Furthermore, videos extend the overall email reading time. Indeed, people explore such emails word for word.

Better Information Digestion

The human brain processes visual information more rapidly. Also, information retention is more in such instances. Thus, video email marketing delivers the needed information in a remarkably short amount of time and stays in the mind for a long time.

Saves Time

Both the sender and the recipient save time with video email marketing. It simplifies sophisticated subjects and conveys the relevant information about a product or service in a faster way.

Penetrating Email Marketing Tool

Videos can go viral and become trendy in no time. The subscribers and email recipients respond more positively to an email after watching the video content in it.

Increased Outreach

Thought-evoking and emotion-appealing videos are more likely to be shared by the recipients amongst their peers. This in turn boosts brand awareness and outreach.

Escalates Several Email Marketing Campaign Metrics

  • 65% increase in click-through rates.
  • The term ‘video’ in the email subject line raises open rates by 19%.
  • 26% decrease in the unsubscribe rate.

Data Source

Video in Email Marketing: Ways to Make It Effectively Work

1. Share Customer Success Story Videos

Customer testimonials and success stories related to the usage of products and services are quite valuable. Potential clients may be interested in hearing from existing or previous customers. Video testimonials, client interviews, and experiences can pique a customer’s interest in a company’s offerings.

2. Product Teasers or Launch Announcement with A Demo Video

Curiosity is a powerful emotion that may quickly capture attention. Video teasers of new products and upcoming events are the greatest method to take advantage of this. Dropping hints about a big product announcement will stimulate the excitement of the subscribers. It will also create some buzz around the launch, boosting the likelihood of the success of the email marketing campaign as well as the product.

3. Pitch with Personalized Sales Video

Personalization and customization of sales pitch videos in emails are one of the simplest and most successful ways to convert prospects into clients. Adding tailored video pitches to plain text emails might help sales pitches perform better and attract potential clients’ attention faster.

4. Product or Service Demonstrations

A small but appealing video that shares product tutorials or illustrates how a certain product or service software works provides the prospects a crisp way to understand complex things. Take them through the processes of product usage in video format so they can get hands-on experience with the product.

5. Appreciate Customer Loyalty with a Thank You Message Video or Discount

Send that special thank you note to the long-time, loyal subscribers and customers in the form of a short but sweet video. Such a gesture with a personalized video message can make the day of the subscribers, make them feel special, and motivate them to keep engaged with the brand.

Elevate the overall experience by offering a special discount deal to the subscribers in the video itself. This approach will reflect in the form of better engagement rates as well as better revenue opportunities.

6. Newsletter with Videos

There are a variety of methods to incorporate video into email newsletters to make them more engaging. Newsletter video embeds are beneficial as it enables subscribers to catch up on content they may have overlooked in the textual format. Another option to incorporate video into the emails is to compile a list of popular videos or consider producing a weekly video round-up.

7. Nurture the Leads through their Customer Journey

Use video email marketing to nurture prospects as well as keep in touch with loyal clients. Automate video content with relevant email campaigns that lead clients along the customer lifecycle.

Consider implementing a video email marketing campaign to see how well it converts.

Adjust the video content to amuse the recipients even further.

8. Build Brand Trustworthiness

A business can showcase behind-the-scenes footage and introduce members of its team. This will improve a brand’s reputation, credibility, and genuineness, as well as make the audience more responsive.

9. Brand Promotion

People sign up for emails because they want to learn more about a company’s product or service. Include a video in the email marketing campaigns to generate razzmatazz about a flash sale or limited-time deal. These videos will nudge the subscribers into the benefits of being subscribed. User reviews, for example, can be used in these kinds of promotional videos.

Leverage Videos in Email Marketing to their Full Potential – Optimise Them

Embedding videos in email marketing will not cut it; it has to be done in the right way to ensure optimal success rates of the email campaigns. Here are some tactics to follow:

  1. Include the word “Video” in Email Subject Lines – Persuade the subscribers to open the emails by adding the word ‘video’ in the email subject line. Probably, A/B test a few different subject lines to see what works and what does not.
  1. Switch off the autoplay feature – Autoplay can bother subscribers who are unaware of it. Hence, disabling autoplay is reasonable. Alternatively, activating autoplay is fine as long as the sound is turned off, as this provides subscribers more control over video playback.
  1. A clear CTA – Any email without a stirring CTA is a lost opportunity. It will essentially instruct subscribers on what actions they need to take to advance to the next stage. You should have the CTA embedded in the video or as a textual (button) form.
  1. Carefully place the video in the email – Position the video in the email at a location that will keep readers engaged. Keep the target information at the beginning of the email and then embed the video in the later part. The video’s purpose is to make the email clear and well-written while remaining unobtrusive to the main message.
  1. Thumbnails should be astounding – The thumbnail has immense potential to soar the engagement rates. A click-worthy thumbnail means half the job done in making the subscribers inquisitive about the video and driving them to click it.


Marrying email and video is worth all the labor. Video email marketing is a phenomenal formula to interact with the audience while also encouraging them to open, read, interact with and respond to the emails. The videos can be as simple or as complex as the objectives and requirements require. Use the best email marketing tools like Mailercloud to create influential videos for email campaigns and keep in mind the following aspects:

  • The right type and style of video are critical for an email marketing campaign’s success.
  • Use a captivating subject line and CTAs to garner excellent outcomes.
  • The videos must provide value to the email recipients.