How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing As A Freelancer

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October 31, 2022

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative careers in the present times. With an increasing number of people registering their online presence, it makes sense that brands too become more visible online. There are many professionals who desire to cut out their careers as freelance digital marketing professionals. PK SEO Sydney Australia is one of them that has been in the digital marketing sphere for just over 20 years now

Freelance digital marketers are professionals who offer digital marketing services as a freelancer. Being a freelancer offers flexibility and exposure to a professional in addition to extra income. Freelancers have the option to work from home or in co-working spaces. An important step to jumpstart your career as a freelancer in digital marketing is to have a great personal branding statement. This will ensure that you stand out from all the other freelancers in your niche.

Roles and Responsibilities of a freelance digital marketing career

A freelance digital marketing professional is required to handle many responsibilities at the same time. As digital marketing has different channels to be taken care of, marketers are required to decide the processes for the same. The candidate needs to have the required skills to be able to help the clients and their companies or brands. The candidate should also possess the right know-how to successfully implement a virtual marketing assistant to ensure all digital marketing channels are taken care of. 

Freelance digital marketers need to have technical skills in addition to other skills viz. Invoice creation, accounting, project management, Requirements Management, reporting, and preparing work proposals for clients. They can use Project Management Software for Digital Agency to ease their work. In addition, they need to monitor websites, take care of social media posts, handle search engine optimization, execute social media campaigns, communicate with clients, build networks with other freelancers, and do a lot of other work.

Benefits of choosing freelance digital marketing as a career

A freelance digital marketing career offers the benefit of being one’s own boss. The professional can set his/her own hours of work. A freelancer gets the benefit of exposure in the field of digital marketing while continuing with studies or the current profession. The major benefit of being a freelancer is that one can stop freelancing and utilize the skills to start a business. 

It is easy to change the chosen profession for a freelance professional and get a digital marketing job instead. While becoming a freelance digital marketer might seem a difficult task, adopting the right approach will help you sail through. Build the right skills and prepare your mind to embrace the profession you think you are cut out for. 

The approach to becoming a freelance digital marketer

Skill up for this profession

A freelance digital marketer needs to possess the necessary technical and marketing skills to execute the duties that this role requires. In an office setting, the team takes care of different jobs. However, a freelancer needs to wear many hats at the same time. He needs to be an accountant, a writer at times, a proofreader, etc. You can build skills with the help of online best digital marketing course or opt for an offline course. You can even intern at any agency to learn the ropes, or utilize online tools such as a writing assistant.

Be seen in Google Search

You need to be visible on various platforms and even in Google Search. For this, you should begin by building your own website. With your digital marketing skills, you should first market your own self in the industry. This is a crucial step in the entire process of becoming a digital marketer. When you are able to become a brand, only then other companies will trust you with their brands. 

Start your own blog

Set sail on your blogging journey with a strategic plan and a keen understanding of your target audience. While you might question its necessity, starting a blog is required to build a portfolio for others to see, local and international clients alike.

Your blog serves as more than just a platform to advertise your services; it’s a space to engage and educate your audience about something which is your forte. Publishing content on a regular basis will help your clients trust you better. Publishing insightful career advice that contains educational value, for example, will help your clients trust you better!

Build a personal brand

As important as it is to publish content on the blog, equally important is to promote the personal brand on other websites that are related to your field. You need to be visible on social networks to promote the brand ‘you’ in your circle. This is required for every digital marketer, be it a business or freelancer. Even if you have an agency, clients will check your references and past work. 

Build a solid network

Freelance digital marketers get so busy taking care of the brands that they are not able to build a network. It is required to get out of the real world at times and make real connections with actual people, fellow freelancers, digital marketers, and others. It is necessary to exchange ideas and go through experiences with professionals in the same industry. Connections are helpful to spread the word about you and build your reputation in the market. 

Specialize in a skillset

Digital marketing has various channels and a number of processes. A freelance digital marketer is quite busy and is not able to concentrate on everything at the same time. When a single person offers full-fledged services, he is not able to focus on one service completely. Instead, it is advisable that he chooses a specialization and offers that to the clients. You can be an expert at SEO, content marketing, Google ads Management, email marketing, and social media marketing, among others. You can use a free cold email marketing tool to get started.

Prepare a proposal for services

A freelance digital marketer needs to write a proposal for services to clients who are looking for such a professional. This is a cumbersome process yet needs to be done skillfully. Hence, experts recommend that one spends time learning how to prepare such proposals. Getting prepared in advance is much better than losing potential clients in trial and error. You can refer to a template for the same or do some online research to master the skill. Understand that free project management templates can assist you in these and similar steps by providing necessary resources beforehand. This approach enhances efficient step management and streamlines the process for maximum results. 

Decide your prices in advance

The next task in the journey of becoming a freelance digital marketer is to decide the pricing model and set the prices. You can charge on the basis of hour, project, month, or a combination of these three. It depends on the length of the project and the time that needs to be invested. Clients have different requirements and they hire freelance digital specialists to get the benefit of flexibility. When you decide on the rate in advance, you can come up with a quick reply to questions related to the rate. 


As your experience and expertise in the field grow, you will reach a plateau when you will have to decide whether you want to continue as a freelancer or start a digital agency of your own. You can hire like-minded people and make a team that taps the clients and executes required services in a similar manner as yours. You can even build up additional skills and expand your services as a freelancer. There are many things that you can do and when you make up your mind, there’s nothing that can stop you from doing them.