Best Ways To Generate Income With Video Content and Affiliate Marketing

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April 20, 2023

Are you looking for ideas for a side hustle to start from your home and make some extra bucks? Start making videos now and make a passive income with affiliate marketing

The United States alone has over 244.4 million digital video viewers and 91% of consumers look for videos from businesses. This means businesses will need affiliates who can promote their brands with videos more!

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start because we will tell you the best ways you can start earning by creating video content and joining affiliate programs.

Advantages of Video Content Creation

Before we jump into how you can make money creating videos, let’s understand the five major advantages of starting video content creation. 

  1. Video content is good for consumers using any devices

No matter what devices consumers use, videos can be watched if there is a screen. In fact, videos are great for smaller screens and work well. Reading? Not as much because it is often difficult, resulting in the audience squinting and scrolling through endless content. 

  1. It’s easier to digest content through video

We know the human attention span is in danger. In fact, even a goldfish can focus more than we do. A study shows that the human attention span decreased by 25% between 2000 and 2015. So you do understand why content is better digested through visual multimedia over written content, right? For example, as one of the best part time jobs anyone can do, online tutoring requires skillful use of video content to impart knowledge more effectively.

  1. Video is a good medium to build brand relationships

When a video is tailored to the voice of a brand, it acts as a communication channel with the audience. Not only will a video drive the engagement rate, but it also increases the consumers’ trust in that brand. This is why, when influencers review a product positively, people are likely to buy from the brand. Not to mention, this is why brands look for affiliates who are video content creators.

  1. Optimized video content gets Google’s preference

Can we just say that Google absolutely loves SEO-optimized videos? How can you optimize a video for Google’s search engine? Simple, make sure you do the following:

  • Use a proper thumbnail
  • A relevant and SEO-tailored title
  • High-quality video content
  • Good description

After our last point, we’ll talk more about how you can create high-quality videos! 

  1. Videos get shared more

Videos are highly shareable across all major social media platforms. You may get exposure and views with little additional work by posting your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Start Working on Your High-Quality Video Content

Now you know what the advantages of creating video content are. Let us tell you what you need to consider to make high-quality videos since it’s necessary to get more views and rank high on Google. Here are seven tricks for ensuring quality in your video content:

  1. Plan the content in advance

Lack of planning can result in unorganized content throughout the video. If you take some time to make a plan before you begin the production, it will definitely improve the quality. To plan a video:

  • Define the purpose
  • Create a script
  • Organize your storyboard
  • Revise
  1. Use well-lit setting

Once you’ve got a plan, you must ensure enough light for filming. Dark and dingy settings are a turn-off and can result in lower-quality film, regardless of the camera you use. You can use natural light outdoors or lamps to light the shooting area indoors.

  1. Have a clean backdrop

No one likes a messy room, not even your viewers. It’s simply unprofessional and distracting. You can set up a solid background with a bedsheet or paper. If you don’t want shadows on the background, adjust your or your subject’s placement well.

  1. Use good tools for video editing

There are some great tools out there for video editing, like iMovie, PowerDirector, etc. If you’re looking for the Best Video Editing Apps for Instagram Reels, some of the top options on the market include InShot, Clips, Adobe Rush, KineMaster, and Splice. Adobe premiere pro is a great option for professionals. When choosing a video editor, ensure these features are available: 

  • Text editor
  • Trimming and cropping capabilities
  • Allows changing aspect ratio
  • Filters
  • Sounds and stock videos  
  • Scene transitions
  1. Focus on simple editing

If you’re not a pro, we suggest simple editing for clean videos. Some of the things that simple editing includes are:

  • Reducing background noise
  • Light adjustments
  • Removing bloopers or weird silences
  • Adding background sounds and music
  • Smooth transitions
  1. Provide good audio

We highly recommend video content creators use a mic to record their videos. If people can’t hear you well, they’ll definitely walk away from watching your video. Place the mic as such it picks up your voice right. A pop filter might be helpful if you want a clean recording free of crackles or weird mic sounds. You should also be conscious of any ambient noise that your microphone may be picking up.

  1. Say No to shaky videos

Any high-quality video will have a homemade feel if the shots are shaky. While recording a video, don’t hand-hold it. Instead, you should invest in a tripod or other stable base for your camera.

Once you keep these seven tricks in mind and prepare for them, you’re ready to start shooting. You can also consider YouTube training if you’re particularly new and would prefer step-by-step instructions.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

So you’re sold on the idea of video content creation. Now let’s get to the next part: Affiliate Marketing. You can earn a commission from brands by recommending a product or service on your videos. So when a customer makes a purchase through your (affiliate’s) special link in the video, you will receive a commission. Why should you do this, you ask. Here are six solid reasons:

  1. You earn a solid side income.
  2. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative industry to step into, worth more than $17 billion. 
  3. It is also a low-cost opportunity to start with as long as you have internet and can make good videos. 
  4. There’s minimal risk in this opportunity as there are no binding contracts.
  5. You don’t need the expertise to step into the business of affiliate marketing and learn as you go.
  6. This opportunity allows you to choose your schedule and work from anywhere.

Look Into Affiliate Programs or Other Options

Now you’re wondering how to look for affiliate program opportunities and similar other options. Well, we got you covered on that too. Here are four ways to get your hands on these gigs: 

  1. Join affiliate networks, such as ShareASale, CJAffiliate, Rakuten Marketing, etc. Sign up and use the platform to find a specific company’s offers using standard methods like keyword and category searches.
  2. If you love certain companies, you can just go check their websites and see if they have any affiliate programs. 
  3. There are several directories where you may locate affiliate marketing programs to promote, such as
  4. Lastly, leverage your social media to use. There are often groups of affiliate marketers on Facebook or forums on subreddit. 

Here’s an example of the specifics of how an affiliate partnership works between two companies.

Define Your Field of Work

When you want to join an affiliate program or something similar, we highly recommend you pick a specific industry. It’s obvious why a fashion blogger gets increasing requests to promote custom t-shirts and a food blogger to promote kitchenware. They get increasing partnership requests from companies in their field of expertise. 

Defining a field of work you like is very important. To be successful with affiliate marketing, you will need to produce a lot of content. If you pick anything you’re not fond of, you won’t have the motivation to keep going when things become challenging.

Think About Influencer Marketing

Influencers definitely earn more than normal affiliates. Why? While affiliates get paid when someone makes a purchase, influencers may be paid for additional things, such as via commission, free products, or fixed rates. There’s a reason for this. 

Brands utilize influencer marketing to achieve longer-term goals, such as higher CTRs, more user-generated content, Copywriting services, and better SEO. Marketers collaborate with influencers due to the authority, integrity, and long-term inbound traffic they provide to a company via the influencer model’s emphasis on content development.

If you start gaining more followers and become an authority on social media to influence your target audience, you can definitely consider doing more than just affiliate programs and think of influencer marketing.

Create Your Own Business Plan

When establishing an affiliate program, a well-thought-out business plan is a must. Making this strategy is a prerequisite to beginning any program. You can include the following things in your plan: 

  1. Goals and how you’ll achieve them
  2. Industries that you cater to
  3. Your target audience
  4. Analysis of your competitors in the market
  5. Your finances, including how you’ll charge and track, along with your projection for the business
  6. How you’ll promote and market the video to the target audience
  7. Affiliate agreement with commission terms, content terms, etc. 


There you have it! A complete guide to becoming a video content creator and earning through affiliate programs. There’s a lot of scope for earning in this industry, and maybe if you do well, you can switch this from a simple side hustle to a full-fledged, full-time business. Yes, this industry has no glass ceiling, so what are you waiting for? Get started now!