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36 Visual Content Creation Tools To Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

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June 30, 2021

Today, only the best visuals still capture the attention of Internet users. The effectiveness of images is proven: a Facebook post with an image has 2.3 times more engagement than one without an image; an illustrated tweet receives 150% more retweets. This is what explains the incredible enthusiasm for free graphics tools that have been on the rise in recent years. Overview of the main useful sites for entrepreneurs.

Visual content has always been an essential aspect of communication and marketing, from advertising posters to product packaging, but the importance of visual content marketing has increased tenfold with the arrival of the web.

But, here’s a secret. Nothing makes your visual content more appealing than a proper context. So, along with great tools, leveraging a content writing service or using the expertise of a content marketing freelancer will only make your content more effective.

In this new land of opportunities represented by websites, blogs, and also social networks, brands quickly understood that aesthetic and colorful content was essential to stand out. To further empower creators and marketers, utilizing mobile editing tools, such as Android Video Editors Apps, can revolutionize the way visual content is produced, offering the flexibility to edit on the go and ensuring your visuals are always top-notch.

36 Best Free Visual Content Creation Tools

Here is finally a list of the best tools to create beautiful content for your visual communication.

1. AirBrush

All of the free software presented above is accessible on a computer, but what about mobile? We have not forgotten it, which is why we will conclude this ranking with AirBrush.

It is a mobile photo editing application whose effects and filters mainly focus on faces and skin. Perfect for editing your last selfie in no time right on your smartphone.

2. Removal.AI

Removal.AI is a tool that allows you to remove the background of an image and provide a cutout version of the subject of the image, in just 5 seconds! Once you are on the Removal.AI site, click on “Select a photo” to choose a photo on your computer, mobile, or tablet. You can also choose “Enter a URL” and enter the URL address of an image. The good news? The tool is free and does not require registration.

3. Storydoc

Storydoc is an online presentation maker for sales and marketing teams. It features templates for all of the most popular business use cases from sales and pitch decks to proposals. It comes with amazing built-in data visualization options, stock media, and a user-friendly editor.

The platform integrates with other sales tools making it easy to personalize decks, share content, capture leads, and book meetings – all directly from Storydoc presentations. Additionally, the tool comes with tracking analytics so you always know when and how a prospect or investor interacted with your presentation.

4. Decktopus

Decktopus is a new generation business proposal and presentation creation tool that allows users to create good-looking, and living documents in no time. You can collaborate with teammates or work on your own and share your proposal in live, PDF, or PPT format. Decktopus is trusted by over 100.000 users worldwide and climbing the stairs to becoming the fastest and most engaging business proposal & presentation creation tool for no-code creators and busy professionals.

5. Designhill

Designhill has an extensive suite of DIY tools along with a design studio. You can create and customize social media posts, presentations, and more with the help of the studio. However, if you need a logo, the DIY logo maker comes as a handy tool. If you don’t want to choose templates, you always have the flexibility to start from scratch.

6. Canva

Canva has a whole collection of quotes to add to your Instagram account. You can download existing visuals directly, or customize them with the quote of your choice, your photos, and your illustrations. There is no doubt that you will find your happiness in these many designers and modern models!

7. Jigglar

Jigglar is a creative design tool tailored specifically for real estate agents, offering a wide array of real estate marketing templates designed to enhance listings, attract more clients, and boost sales. It simplifies the process of creating visually appealing real estate marketing materials, such as flyers, postcards, and social media posts, without the need for advanced design skills. This tool is ideal for real estate professionals looking to elevate their marketing strategy with high-quality, engaging visuals.

8. Gickr

Gickr works like Gif Maker. You have the option of uploading images from your Flickr, Picasa, YouTube account, or from your device’s image gallery.

The tool allows the use of ten photos to create animation. After assembling your gif, you can choose the final size of your visual, as well as its scrolling speed.

9. Circlebloom: 

Social media is one of the leading platforms for visual content display at the moment. Circlebloom offers all content creators a power-packed tool for social media content creation that alleviates your experience and helps you create amazing content for all your social media handles. 

Circlebloom is loaded with crafty graphic designs, color composition features, and other powerful elements that enhance the uniqueness of all your social media content in the easiest way possible.

You can also use the platform to publish social media content to popular social media sites.
Social media calendar software like this is vital to ensure you have a constant stream of content being shared with your profiles. And it makes it easy to ensure you can diversify the type of content you share.

10. GIMP

GIMP is a staple of free photo editing tools, and it is definitely the most comprehensive of them all. On the other hand, it is not the easiest to access for the uninitiated, but it has full documentation in any language to help you.

11. is one of the best networking platforms to find a freelance graphic designer quickly. Submit your project (logo creation, photo editing, product photography, or web design) for free on the platform.

They will communicate your project to their 10,000 freelance graphic designers and you will receive fifteen quotes in a few minutes. You can then chat with the designers and select one of them (no obligation).

12. Giphy

Giphy is a very popular GIF bank, but that’s not all. The site has a free tool that lets you turn any series of images into animation. Users can also upload their videos or add a YouTube link to quickly turn them into gifs, to share on their social networks.

13. GIF Maker

Very easy to use, the Gif Maker application allows you to create animated Gifs while maintaining the original resolution. You can embed up to a hundred images in a single animation.

On the other hand, unlike GIFCreator, it is not possible to determine different scrolling times between each visual. You will have to choose one and the same speed tempo. In the end, you will be able to view your animation before downloading it as a gif or video.

14. InstaQuote

Instagram’s InstaQuote app can be used on any mobile device. It makes it easy to create personalized visual quotes. You add text to images, captions and share your content with just a few clicks.

InstaQuote offers you the possibility to choose from 19 template designs, or to build your own visual by selecting your background from your text image, as well as one of the 50 available fonts.

15. iPiccy

This tool is an abundant and exhaustive web photo editing software without being stodgy. You will find a huge amount of personalization without getting engrossed. A decent alternative for those searching for fairly progressive but accessible software.

16. Welpix

Welpix is a CGI product photography studio. The studio specializes in creating high-quality product images and videos using the latest 3D technology, allowing for convenient and quick online creation of images without the need for physical products. Welpix’s commitment to providing exceptional product photography services aligns with the increasing importance of visual content in boosting marketing campaigns. Leveraging tools such as CGI product photography and 3D product animations, Welpix aims to turn products into original pieces of art, contributing to the aesthetic and colorful content essential for brands to stand out in the digital landscape.

17. Movavi

The Movavi Picverse tool is unstoppable when it comes to editing, editing, and photo retouching. It combines artificial intelligence-based technology with a highly intuitive interface, allowing even novices to achieve professional goals. Removing background or objects, restoring old photos, retouching faces, filters, effects … all the features are there for impeccable results.

18. ON1 Effects 10 Free

ON1 Effects 10 Free is a free (and therefore limited) version of more comprehensive software. This does not prevent it from being worth the detour.

Its main advantage is that it allows filters to be applied to certain areas of an image only (and not to the entire photo). This leaves you with many possibilities for making original and unique retouching.

19. might not look like much, but it is free and complete photo editing software with a clean look. Originally designed to replace the famous Microsoft Paint, this tool has far surpassed the previous one.

20. PhotoScape

Photoscape is a free, complete, and powerful photo editing software, despite its somewhat “old-fashioned” appearance and unusual interface.

It actually combines a multitude of tools allowing you to modify and manipulate your images as you see fit, but also to merge several images into one or to create animated GIFs. A real Swiss army knife.

21. Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a very good free photo editing software. Coherent and more attainable than GIMP, the tool is notably equipped with a “beginner” mode to make editing easier. Similarly, Photo PosPro has certain reservations, however, it’s still more than enough to edit your photos as you wish.

22. Picmonkey

This tool offers very simple and friendly online photo software. Picmonkey lets you to locate “in the blink of an eye” the editing or manipulation you want it to perform. Note, however, that while PicMonkey is free, some effects and filters offered are chargeable. 

23. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online photo editing tool that has all the basic functions you need to edit your images, without having to download anything. It’s easy and attractive interface is what makes Pixlr comprehensible and reachable to everyone, even though it does not have some more in-depth features.

24. SumoPaint

In the quirky world that is online photo editing, SumoPaint is arguably one that is advanced among the rest.

Presenting itself as a kind of “light” form of Photoshop, this tool will appeal to image editing enthusiasts who want access to advanced features without spending a dime.

25. TextSwag

TextSwag is a very easy-to-use Android application, perfect for creating your Instagram visuals! Select your photo and choose the style of your text among many proposals, regularly updated. You can also add filters to your image, change the opacity, or display random text styles if you are unsure.

26. Quotes Creator

Available on iPhone and Android, Quotes Creator helps you create visual quotes in seconds. You can then share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The app lets you choose the quote that best suits your mood from a large library to best illustrate your Story.

The tool also offers the following features: adjustment of font sizes and colors, effects, shadows. You have a color palette to personalize the images. These can even rotate 90 °.

27. Quotes Cover

The online Quotes Cover tool turns your quotes into professional images, for distribution to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. These can also be used as posters or electronic business cards.

It only takes three steps to create a visual quote on the Quotes Cover site:

  • Select a quote from the Quotes Cover proposals
  • Choose the dimensions of the image
  • Create the visual quote

28. Quozio

With the Quozio application, you easily create text images before sharing them on social networks or by email. You must log in to the Quozio home page, then enter your citation and the author’s name. Then choose the image and texture to apply, among the models offered.

Sharing the visual citation on social media is one click away. Note an interesting feature: the bookmarklet to highlight a quotation discovered on a web page and transform it into a text image.

29. Video to Gif

The Video to GIF application is intended to extract part of a video and then turn it into a GIF. The convertible file formats are .mp4, .webm, .mkv, .ogv, and m4v.

The interface of the tool is very basic, which makes it super easy. You can download a video from your device or from Google Drive. Finally, note that this application can be used with the following browsers: Firefox, Edge, Chrome, or Safari

30. WordSwag

The WordSwag app is available on Android and iOS. It lets you insert quotes into over 1.3 million design images and share them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook from your mobile.

The classic version is not free, but you can also buy the version to be able, among other things, to add your logo to the visuals created.

31. MakeaGif

With the YouTube to Gif app, you can make gifs from YouTube videos. This tool allows you to extract a section of any video posted on the social network, then transform it into an animation.

It only takes a few seconds to create a gif. You also have the possibility to create inverted gifs, a format in vogue on Instagram!

32. Strive

Strive Content Calendar is a WordPress plugin that adds an editorial calendar into your admin dashboard. Using the visual calendar, it’s easy to see if you have posts planned for the upcoming month.

Plus, all of the posts are color-coded based on their status, so you can tell right away if you’re on track to hit your deadlines or not. Strive also includes checklists for quality control and revisions for republishing out-of-date content.

33. is an AI-powered logo maker that’s your answer to everything logo design and brand building. The platform not only offers some of the most professional and classy logo design that are at par with world-class brands, but it also offers other goodies that can help you launch your business or side project over the weekend.

To get started, all you need is your business name and a slogan (if you have one). The logo designer will produce hundreds of logo design ideas that you can customize to your heart’s content. You can change the font, icons, format, and more until you get the logo you love.

The platform not only offers some of the most professional and classy logo designs that are at par with world-class brands, but it also offers other goodies that can help you launch your business or side project over the weekend.


Pixelixe provides all you need to create and automate your marketing visuals. From email and display banners to social media or custom graphics, the template library will help you get started.  Pixelixe makes it easy to automate banner generation whether you are looking for a simple way to create size variants from a specific banner or create variants of a banner template based on your product packaging or service catalog.

35. ContentBASE

ContentBASE revolutionizes social media marketing with its diverse range of Canva template bundles, designed to cater to businesses aiming to elevate their online presence. With an extensive collection of easy-to-edit templates, users can effortlessly adapt designs to match their brand’s unique style.

ContentBASE simplifies the creation of professional, eye-catching social media posts, ensuring your content stands out in the digital landscape. Embrace the power of visually appealing, engagement-driving designs with ContentBASE, your partner in crafting a compelling social media narrative.”

36. Colorcinch

Colorcinch comes with an incredible collection of stock images, icons, masks, and overlays that you can play around with to create customized graphics. With Colorcinch, you can craft stunning visuals to go along with your content. You can also add texts, make use of drawing tools and blend modes to give your photos a unique feel. You can crop, resize, enhance your photos and make their colors pop with just a few clicks.

37. BrandCrowd

There is an excellent area for creating visual content that will grab people’s attention and provide a successful marketing campaign. BrandCrowd is a digital platform where you can create cool logo designs with the logo maker, business cards, Facebook covers, Youtube banners, Instagram posts, and so on. So, this is an excellent place to create successful visual content and have a winning campaign. Undoubtedly you will find anything you need to develop fantastic visuals.   

Your Turn…

Visual content matters and it is good to invest your time and effort in improving your content to boost your marketing campaigns. These tools should satisfy your needs without requiring too long a learning time as would require professional tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or others. Also, you can count on paid media experts and agencies to help you with your content. Please feel free to share your experiences and preferences in the comments.